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Custom-made special profiles

Let us help you design your special profile. We only need a drawing of it and its designated use. Our specialists will take care of everything else, saving time which you can use to focus on your project.
You can also seek  inspiration in our 2800 stored profiles and our team will design a custom-made profile based on your ideas.


Contact our sales team to discuss your unique project.


BLECHA opens up a world of possibilities. Send us a sketch or a simple sample of the profile you need and we will do the rest.

3D prototypes

We would be happy to create a dimensionally accurate 3D-printed plastic prototype.


Once a profile has been checked and approved by you, the order goes into the production phase to ensure prompt delivery.

Warehouse & logistics

Convenience every step of the way, direct delivery thanks taking advantage of own fleet of vehicles or storage for up to one year in our warehouse. You decide.

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