Packaging and shipping

Faster shipment!
With BLECHA logistics, the safest delivery service.

Our customers appreciate our quality not only in terms of the material. This is because our promise applies from the first “Hello” to the bell of our delivery person, and not just to your order. We take care of everything related to optimal packaging, so that your delivery arrives 100% safe and undamaged. In terms of transport, we are able to arrange all delivery days in and around Austria based on our route plan. In exceptional cases and for other delivery routes, we have reliable shipping partners to ensure fast and safe delivery. We also take care of efficient customs processing. All you need to do is focus on your project and we will do the rest.

Wrapping machine

BLECHA guarantees safety, stability and security during shipment thanks to the use of wrapping machines. On request, we can film wrap your ordered articles in complete bundles or individually.

Technical specification:

Product width: 100 mm to 550 mm

Product height: 30 mm to 500 mm

Product length: 2000 mm to 6020 mm

Product weight: max. 600 kg

Product diagonal: max. 744 mm

Stapler und Kommissionierer

Bei BLECHA arbeiten wir mit 10 hochmodernen Gabelstaplern, mit denen unsere Fahrzeuge mit der Ware be- und entladen werden.

Zudem besitzen wir 4 Stück 4-Wege-Seitenstapler mit Kommissionierkorb, die verwendet werden, um die Ware aus den Regalen herauszunehmen und für die Kunden vorzubereiten.

Zu guter Letzt kommen 4 Stück unserer 4-Wege-Seitenstapler ohne Kommissionierkorb zum Einsatz, mit denen unserer erfahrenen Experten die Ware in die Regale einschlichten. Somit sind wir optimal ausgestattet, um unsere Kunden schnell und effizient mit unseren hochwertigen Produkten zu versorgen. Starten Sie ihr nächstes Projekt mit BLECHA und überzeugen Sie sich selbst.

Sheet picking system

With this picking system, we stack the ordered moulded sheets and panels quickly and automatically with the greatest care for the material, optionally even without paper interleaving.

Your benefits:

Short delivery times

Highest surface quality

No additional costs

BLECHA vehicle fleet

No distance is too great for us. Especially not for our shipping company. Collect your ordered goods in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, South Tyrol, Italy and Croatia. In Austria we supply goods under a 5-day delivery system (minimum delivery weight per address: 100 kg).  Is that good enough for you?? Then we look forward to the challenge. Contact us, we will deliver on our promise!!

Collection of goods

At this stage our customers often help us and take the initiative themselves. Also at this point, we attach great importance to safety and compliance with legal requirements:

The vehicle must be technically capable of correct loading

The maximum permissible total weight of the vehicle must not be exceeded

Lashing straps for securing goods must be present*

A load board for long goods will be required

Stacking no higher than 4 meters

* Lashing straps or any fastenings for transport can be purchased directly from us at any time during collection. Ask your sales advisor about this and the required items will be ready upon your arrival.


Receive your delivery in over 60 countries around the world. We ensure efficient processing, confidential shipping and as well as customs documents in the respective national language.

Parcel Service

Our parcel service is ideal for smaller items. Cost-effective domestic and international delivery up to max. 2m length for pipe sections or up to 3m for by rail transport.

The shipping costs depend on a variety of factors (transport type, delivery zone, goods, weight, etc.). Our team takes care of these details in order to deliver your goods as convenientlyas possible!


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