Discover the fascination of E-Aluminum!

Our aluminium round tube in alloy EN AW-6101B (E-AlMgSi) and flat bars in alloy EN AW-1350 (E-Al99.5) are the optimal choice for busbars in substations.

First-class electrical conductivity

Long-lasting corrosion resistance

Extremely durable

Less stress on supports, switches and transformers in the event of a short circuit

Lower weight and therefore easier and more cost-effective installation

Customer specific requirements

Fully recyclable

Long lifetime

Easy to bend and yet stable

What about flexibility?

Wide product range:

We offer a large selection of flat bars and round tubes with diameters up to 400mm and lengths up to 30m. This allows flexibility for projects of any size.

Sustainable energy transfer:

Immerse yourself in the world of sustainable energy transmission with our high-quality E-aluminum round tubes and flat rods! Our products are fully recyclable, enabling a green and environmentally friendly energy infrastructure.

Environmentally friendly solutions:

By making our products fully recyclable, we contribute to a more sustainable environment and support the development of green energy infrastructure.

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Aluminum round tubes for efficient energy distribution.

Our round aluminum tubes are ideal as busbars in electrical substations. With excellent conductivity and excellent heat dissipation, they ensure efficient energy distribution and help your network function stably and reliably.

Tailor-made solutions for your requirements:

We understand that every substation has unique requirements. That’s why we offer aluminum round tubes in various diameters and lengths. Our range includes pipes with diameters up to 400mm and lengths up to 30m. No matter what your specific requirements, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your expectations.

Quality you can rely on:

As an experienced aluminum wholesaler, we attach great importance to quality. Our round tubing meets the highest standards and is designed to withstand the most demanding environments. Robust, durable and corrosion-resistant – with our products you can rely on quality that you can rely on.

Sustainability and environmental awareness:

Aluminum is not only an excellent electrical conductor, but also an environmentally friendly material. By using aluminum round tubes, you actively contribute to environmental protection and rely on a sustainable energy infrastructure.

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