Limitless fence systems.

There is more to aluminium than meets the eye.

An aluminium fence is not only a dividing line. Our aluminium fence components will make your aluminium fence a real highlight on your property.

We stock an extensive range of aluminium profiles for garden fences, balconies, railings and gates. You’ll find a wide selection of different pickets with suitable caps, picket brackets, cover strips, palisades, fence poles, installation materials and fence components with a forged look

For the most modern fences, we supply combinations with slats, formed tubes and/or perforated panels (round-hole, square-hole). Aluminium privacy fences have become very popular, above all due to their high-quality design for single and multi-family dwellings and other buildings.

You have the freedom to compose any fencing panels based on the numerous system components.  Choose from a large selection of fence and balcony components.

For private individuals our finished fence elements are a source of ideas and an inspiration. Please contact one of our partner companies in your area to arrange a correct installation of our aluminium fencing system.  We’ll gladly give you a list of our partner companies on request.

Attractive colourful fence?

Our fence elements are available in a range of RAL colours or coated for a wood-grain effect.

No more tedious repainting

Your future aluminium fence remains beautiful for many years to come.

Broken fences a thing of the past

An aluminium fence or aluminium railing is extremely durable and can withstand any weather. Forever.

The possibilities with aluminium are almost limitless. Browse through our brochure and make your fence unique.


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