Special profiles freshly printed.

We print your profile in advance as a 3D plastic prototype!

The advantages of 3D printing

A 3D prototype can be created very easily and individually adapted even with a geometrically complex shape. The creation of a prototype is faster compared to conventional methods, and functional testing and error detection are part of the product development process. 3D models are flexible – once drawn, 3D models can be modified and printed again within a very short time. They are also extremely ideal for sampling.

Technical specifications

Size in cross section of up to 180 x 180 mm

Height up to 200 mm possible

Very precise dimensional tolerances of +/- 0,3 mm

In the colors blue, white or gray possible

Delivery time

1-2 weeks (depending on the variant)

Variant 1: You have a sketch

We draw the profile for you in dwg format

You approve the drawing

We print the profile you want as pattern in 3D execution

You receive the profile sample and the dwg drawing

Flat rate excluding VAT: from € 180.-

Variant 2: You have a usable 2D or 3D drawing in dwg format

We print the profile you want as 3D design according to your drawing

You receive the profile sample

Flat rate excluding VAT: from € 90.-


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